Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sabena: Service to Four Continents, c.1960

A still shot from this old Sabena advertisement, which briefly shows a map of the Belgian World Airlines reach at the time. Routes go to countries, designated by flag, not cities, and each destination gets a single direct line from Belgium, regardless of the true routing of the flights.

Certainly some of the cities can be accurately presumed (Abidjan, Mexico City, Bujumbura, Tehran, etc) while others (Lagos or Kano? Casablanca or Rabat? Oslo or Bergen? Perhaps both in such cases?) can only be guessed at.

The above is just single screen shot from a reel of Mid-Century promotional films, which are just incredible on so very many levels, and well-worth viewing for the plane spotting, the shots of JFK and Zaventem National Airports, and extinct mid-Century accents of the voice-overs alone:

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