Friday, December 9, 2011

Air Mali Network, c.2009

From the Air Mali website, although not up to date. A warm and stately reseau showing Air Mali's network, stretching all the way to Pointe-Noire, off the map at the extreme lower-right. Helpfully, the route lines are color coded by aircraft type, a unique feature which is somewhat cryptically keyed by the "CRJ" and "MD" legend and lower left. Ouagadougou is misspelled. Accra is the only Anglophone city served, via Abidjan.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

ASKY Airlines network, December 2011

A different ASKY than from a year previous: service to Banjul, Dakar and Pointe-Noire are gone, as is the underlying geography of the Gulf of Guinea. Abuja and Yaounde have been added, with Libreville beginning to seem like a focus city.

Lome-based ASKY seems to have failed at bridging the chessboard of Anglo- and Francophone capitals of West Africa, as one of the only English-speaking link is the familiar Accra-Monrovia-Freetown run, which no longer reaches up the coast to Cap Vert. A weekly flight from Monrovia to Bamako is also now absent.