Saturday, June 11, 2011

Air Seychelles Network, January 2011

A recent route map of Air Seychelles shows an airline much diminished from previous times, although still serving three continents with Boeing 767 jets.

Like its Indian Ocean counterparts, especially Air Mauritius and Air Madagascar, the national carrier of the Seychelles mostly concentrates on leisure services to Europe, which in this case included services to both London Heathrow and Gatwick, in addition to Paris, Rome, and Milan. Previous services to Frankfurt, Munich, Geneva, Zürich, Amsterdam, Madrid, Moscow and Paris-Orly have not lasted. The Gatwick service only lasted from 2010 and was recently terminated February 2011.

Aside from these services, Air Seychelles runs a single route to Chennai and on to Singapore. Previous routes to Dubai, Bangkok, and Mumbai were not successful, despite the cultural and business connections to India and southeast Asia. Likewise, its services to the African continent are spare: only Johannesburg. Not even its previous Nairobi route lasted. The airline seems to be having little success in becoming a hub carrier for traffic across the Indian Ocean, connecting Asia and Africa.

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