Wednesday, May 4, 2011

United Air Lines: Dulles to Bahrain & Kuwait, 2006-2010

Yesterday's post about connecting Chicago with the Gulf recalls United Air Lines' foray into the Middle East, not from its O'hare hub but rather from Washington Dulles. Five years ago, United commenced an air bridge between the defense contractor and security consultancy sprawl of exurban Virginia with the State of Kuwait, the defense industry's major staging area for the occupation of Iraq. Initially, UA Flight 981/2 was a thrice-weekly triangular service with a B777. In late 2009, it was announced that the flight pair would be extended in 2010 to the Kingdom of Bahrain, another major outpost of the US military.

UAL's lovely water-color dream advertising shows the Arabian sun shining through the skylines of the two emirates (Bahrain became a kingdom in 2002).

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