Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sierra Leone Airways Timetable, October 1963

More on the commercial aviation of Sierra Leone, past and present. Yesterday's philatelic feature celebrating Sierra Leone Airlines leads into an earlier exploration of that carrier's history, when it was known as Sierra Leone Airways in earlier decades. Here, courtesy of Björn Larsson and his website Timetable Images, is the timetable of Sierra Leone Airways in October 1963 to March 1964.

A quad-propeller Bristol Britannia offered non-stop weekly service from London to Lungi International Airport, boasting a first class cabin and an economy class offering. The bottom half of the left page is taken up by tables showing the weekly "Up-country" services, operated by a de Havilland Heron from Freetown's smaller Hastings Airport. The second table shows a "link-up" service, which ferries intercontinental passengers to the origination of this domestic route. Fares, baggage allowances, and passenger regulations are detailed at right.

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