Tuesday, January 17, 2012

American Airlines Announces Japan Airlines's New Dreamliner Service from Tokyo to Boston, April 2012

Typical of American Airlines's outdated branding, this email announcement to frequent fliers, despite its exciting news, makes for mediocre viewing. Not much thought was put into the visuals, a Disneyesque combination of faux-calligraphic typeface and dull-blue photograph of a snow-capped Mount Fuji. Its obvious from this that Tokyo is the destination at hand.

Indeed, Japan Air Lines's announcement of nonstop service between Narita and Boston, the first ever such connection, and the first nonstop flight of an Asian carrier into Logan in over ten years (from the days when Korean Air ran a Seoul-Boston-Washington Dulles triangle), is one of the most exciting develops in intercontinental service to the US that has been announced for 2012. That a brand-new B787 will run the route is even more compelling. Yet American somehow fumbles again, with its incorrect statement that "we now offer the first nonstop route between Boston and Asia" which also confusingly suggests that silver American metal will make the journey, when American is far from enjoying any brand-new Dreamliners, and anyway most passengers would strongly prefer JAL to AA.

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