Sunday, January 4, 2015

Saudia: The Domestic Network, c.1979

Unclear who was the intended audience of this 1979 print advert for Saudia. Were there really that many potential customers who needed to reach innermost Arabia but seek an alternative to the Saudi state carrier? The airline's golden key promised to unlock such likely remote arid outposts as Abha, Badana, Bisha, Gassim, Gurayet, Hail, Jouf, Najran, Qausimah, Rafha, Sharourah, Turaif and Wedjh (all premiering on Timetablist with this post). No town in Saudi Arabia is more than 70 miles from a modern jet airport, the airline boasts.

Handsome cartography all the same, with the watercolor effect of receding waves (notice the absence of Africa at left) and indicating the mountainous regions of Hejaz, Yemen and Iran.

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