Monday, April 30, 2012

Ghana Airways: Düsseldorf-Accra and all of West Africa, c.1990

A cartoon DC-10 smiles from a German-language Ghana Airways sticker celebrating Ghana Airways service from Düsseldorf to Accra sometime around 1990. The state airline stretched from Westphalia to West Africa nearly until its demise, serving the burgeoning immigrant communities of the Rhine region as one of the airline's few European destinations (London Gatwick was consistently the other, which it sometimes flew to via Germany).


  1. There was a time when I used to fly to DUS quite often, and my Iberia flight sometimes landed about the time the Ghana Airways plane was scheduled to leave ... I remember the airport PA routinely asking Ghana Airways passengers to report to the counter ... IIRC at some point they also flew to DUS via Rome.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I remember visiting BWI when Ghana Airways flew there: although I never saw the DC-10 on the ground, their ticket counter was like a temple, a dream portal to another world.