Friday, July 1, 2011

Elysian Airlines: Routes from Monrovia, c.2009

Cameroon-based Elysian Airlines, "the African Dream," built up an impressive base of operations from Monrovia's secondary Spriggs-Payne Airport, going up the coast Sierra Leone, Guinea, Gambia, and apparently Senegal, as well as operating the country's lone domestic route, down to Harper, Maryland County.

Sadly, Elysian withdrew from its Spriggs-Payne services in mid-2010, but these were later replaced by Lomé-based ASKY Airlines as well as the new Sierra Leonian carrier, Fly 6ix.


  1. Wow , i had never heard of this one before. Just a pity that so many African airlines have such bad websites !

  2. Indeed-- and a pity that so many African airlines don't last so long! Despite its shortcomings, Elysian did offer service where there was nothing else. I don't know what their status is now!