Tuesday, April 26, 2011

UTA French Airlines: Worldwide Network, 1989

Yet another prize of Flickr user caribb's worldwide network of UTA, French Overseas Airlines, at the height of its glory, when the purple and green jumbo jets circled the globe in a Paris-New York-Los Angeles-Papeete-Sydney-Tokyo circumnavigation. UTA held a dozen-odd other stations from San Francisco to Muscat to Colombo to the metropole, quite aside from its huge spread of African destinations. As caribb himself puts it: "for the most part, destinations Air France didn't want...it would have been a good airline to work for as a pilot or FA."

The following posts detail UTA's famously extensive African network.

Timetablist will be dedicating an intermediate period going forward to highlight some of the incredible finds of Flickr user caribb's collection. Timetablist would like to thank caribb (Doug from Montreal) for generously allowing the reuse of these images under creative commons license terms.

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  1. I remember well in 1981 taking a DC-10 with UTA - Sydney to Paris via Noumea, Jakarta, Colombo, Muscat and Valetta! Crew changes at every call! Those were the days!