Sunday, April 17, 2011

Malaysia Airline System: Worldwide Network, 1982

One of many gems from the incredible collection of Flickr user caribb, who was not only thoughtful enough to photograph a few treasures from his extensive airline timetable collection, but generous enough to list them on Flickr under a creative commons license, allowing them to be exhibited here.

This gorgeous bichrome timetable insert shows the full extent of the malaysian airline system, MAS, just as it began to spread across three continents to connect European cities via the Middle East with a domestic and regional base, an East Asian arc, and an Antipodean network. As the map helpfully demonstrates, it was possible to stretch across the extent of the system, from Europe through the Gulf, via KL and to southeastern Australia, all aboard Jumbo Boeing Jets.

Timetablist will be dedicating an intermediate period going forward to highlight some of the incredible finds of caribb's collection. Timetablist would like to thank Doug from Montreal for allowing the reuse of these images under creative commons.

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