Friday, October 28, 2016

ČSA Czechoslovak Airlines: The IL-62 Services, c.1970

A final item for ČSA Czechoslovak Airlines in its Soviet era: a route map specifically for its flagship IL-62 quadjet, which roared its way from Moscow to MontrealJFK to Jakarta. The precise date of the item is unknown but the carrier still operated its west African route, although here it is curiously shown as stopping in Rabat instead of Casablanca on its PragueAlgiersDakarFreetown schedule. The trans-Asian service is by now familiar, stopping in Athens, then splitting between Tehran and CairoKuwait before scissoring at Bombay to link Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta

The three transatlantic cities are shown as well, with Brussels and Amsterdam as way stations to North America. The superjet also whisked apparatchiks domestically, the only IL-62 service from Bratislava was back to Prague. 

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