Monday, May 9, 2011

ASKY Airlines: Service to and from Monrovia, Spring 2011

The recent post about Sierra Leone's new airline, Fly 6ix, discussed the services out of Monrovia's secondary airport, Spriggs-Payne Airfield. Here is the horaires of Lomé-based ASKY Airlines, a division of Ethiopian Airlines, in and out of Spriggs-Payne for this spring.

The table shows non-stops to Accra and Bamako three times weekly; the Bamako service apparently an alternate to Abidjan, which is slowly re-opening given the recent conflict there. The Accra service continues on to ASKY's hub in Togo, from whence it connects across western Africa, from Banjul to Brazzaville, and more globally with via Ethiopian's mainline network.

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