Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Air Guinée: Domestic and International Networks, 2000

This week's posts remain in the Manu River region, this time dealing with Guinea (Conakry). This colorful poster, sourced from this French-language site, which interviewed the Directeur Général of the national air carrier of the Republic of Guinea in April 2000. The carrier's history is somewhat confused, the country's national airlines were known variously as Air Guinée, Air Guinée Express, and Air Guinée international, with various operational and corporate kinship and asset recycling. Its a bit easier to just consider them various iterations of the same national airline.

As to the above artefact, the encyclopedic website assists in confirming both the regional destinations shown, and offers an equally tricolored map affirming the domestic network list in the poster's box at lower right.

Central to the composition, Air Guinée's flagship B737-200 roars across a map of the continent, over the tricolor banding. This pride of fleet was sadly lost at Freetown's Lungi International in August 2004, when Air Guinée had been briefly reformed as Air Guinée Express.

This crash led to the demise of that iteration, and the country is currently without a state airline, with only the confusing aborted launch of Air Guinée international, announced in 2010. Plans were grand, with a single A321 to be followed with a long-hault A340, but no information on its operational commencement ever surfaced.

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