Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aer Lingus Worldwide 1999

Two route maps from the Spring and Autumn 1999 timetable of Aer Lingus, when it was fresh with new Airbuses and a new paint scheme, part of a new alliance, and building on its existing routes to serve a New Economy Celtic Tiger. The only major development in 1999 was the addition of Los Angeles, but this pair is included here for its interesting cartographics, with the subway-like route lines, color coded by Irish city.
Since then, Aer Lingus has been so crippled by low-cost competition that it has become the first flag carrier to adopt the full LCC model itself, leading to its exit from One World, and eventual part-ownership by it s rival, Rynaair. Aer Lingus has also retreated from Los Angeles, Newark, London City and Stansted and Ireland is mired in a painful recession.

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