Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Emirates Route Map, August 2016: Europe

A thick baobab trunk of routes juts up from Mesopotamia, spreading its boughs across the European continent. With a staggering 37 European destinations, Emirates has blanketed the region with flights even more so than any other portion of the globe, from Moscow to Manchester, Milan to Malta, Madrid to Munich. The depth of its reach is shown in secondary and tertiary markets: Prague, Budapest, Geneva, Lyon, Nice, Oslo, Glasgow, Bologna, and Hamburg are just a handful of third-tier cities which see a wide-body Emirates plane land daily, non-stop from Dubai.


  1. Do you know if Basel, Gothenburg, Liege and Zaragoza have special significance for Emirates? They seem like a weird group of towns/airports to be included randomly.

    1. They are quite random, yet they are in fact important airports for global cargo transshipment. As Dubai-Jebel Ali are quite important in terms of sea freight, so is Dubai key in air freight. Thus Emirates Cargo to many places that the passenger division does not fly to—like Columbus, Ohio, etc.

    2. Thanks. :) I'm near Basel so I noticed it right away.