Thursday, September 22, 2016

Interflug: Berlin-Conakry, November 1966

It seems fitting to conclude this month's coverage of the recent state of affairs in Berlin to feature this vintage item, which recalls the postings of the earliest days of the Timetablist, far back in 2009. A first day cover from the DDR post celebrating the socialist Germany's reach to the verdant shores of West Africa, feverish with post-colonial realignment. As was shown in some of the first Timetablist posts, Interflug carried the Marxist dream far into equatorial Africa at the roaring clip of its sleek, quad-propulsion IL-62 jets on a variety of bi-weekly Schönefeld—AlgiersBamakoConakryFreetown arrangements, although the above launch was more likely on the four-prop IL-18.

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