Sunday, January 19, 2014

SAHSA Route Network, 1993

A luscious example of SAHSA's advertising artistry was shown in the middle of last year, but the posts moved on before this equally elegant and attractive example could be featured: an almost railroad-like vine of routes creeps out from a central spine, showing a respectable reach for such a small carrier. Tegucigalpa, the presumed hub, is shown off the the side, completely off-center, below it are the cities of the isthmus, ending at Panama. The broader boughs of the trees, spinning off the top of the network like the kicking legs of a triskelion, are the American gateways: Houston, New Orleans, and Miami, with the Caribbean stops just below, surprisingly including Grand Cayman but also the domestic destinations of Roatan, La Ceiba, and San Pedro Sula—these may had international routes as well. Guatemala City and San Salvador branch off to the far right.

A gorgeous mural of the attractions of SAHSA's network lies at the ad's base, from the skyline of Houston, the icons of Disney World and a Gone with the Wind Antebellum scene at left, to the Mayan temples of Mesoamerica at center, to the fun and sun of the warm Caribbean, a merchant ship navigating the Panama Canal at upper right.

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