Monday, January 27, 2014

CP Air: Worldwide Network, c.1983

The wonderfully random route network of Canadian Pacific Airlines in its classic CP Air age, when it was the airborne division of Canada's premier transport companies but not able to fly it's premier international routes. A unique collection of flights fan out to four other continents, two across the Pacific: VancouverTokyoHong Kong and Vancouver—HonoluluNadiSydney, and one venturing south to the cone of Latin America: Mexico CityLimaSantiagoBuenos Aires.

From the Alberta prairie, a transpolar route links Edmonton to Amsterdam, linking to a RomeAthens route. A second trans-Atlantic flight from Montreal lands at Amsterdam, while a third European route also starts in Montreal, but leaps southward to Santa Maria in the Azores, then to Lisbon, Madrid, and connecting again at Rome. Paris and London are absent.

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