Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Antrak Air Route Map, 2011

A rather less hi-tech graphic design than the previous posts' late-model, video-game grade inflight map from Kenya Airways is this amateurish route map from Antrak Air, showing its domestic routes from Accra. The flight to Sunyani takes a particularly hard right turn, which could possibly be navigational reality but more likely is dictated by an unfamiliarity with a basic PC Paint program. Antrak's services to Ougadougou did not last, and with the arrival of Starbow and Fly540, Antrak is no longer the chief of Ghanaian skies. But its affordable, scheduled runs to interior cities, especially its more recent links to Sunyani and Wa, serve as a vital link to the boom-town capital, and the carrier can be forgiven a lack of computer drawing skills.

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