Friday, June 29, 2012

Air Burkina Network, c. 2002

An Air Burkina advertisement for Togo, from about a decade ago, which is dominated by the profiles of a man and woman who may be intended to portray customers, or perhaps the old pilot-and-stewardess duo, but whose body language is too stiff to suggest any familiarity.

Behind them rises the tail of an unknown jet with a strange, double-waterfowl emblem which is not associated with Air Burkina. The airline's own very  memorable branding is tabbed at top-left, showing the shadowed Chi-Wara style emblem.

More helpfully to the right is a route map, showing a spread of flights out of Ouagadougou as far as Paris, which is constrained by layout to be positioned southwest of Sardinia in relation to the rest of the map. The sole domestic hop to Bobo-Dioulasso is shown, and it is notable that not one Anglophone city is served. An address for a local ticketing agent fills the void between the two visual groups.

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