Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spanair: The Network from Barcelona, 2011

This hip, fanciful artwork, prominently displayed inside the terminal at El Prat Airport in Barcelona last year, was not enough to alter the fortunes of Spanair, which ceased operations this past weekend. This unique graphic was celebrated in the design press for its storybook celebrations of a score of cities, each highlighted with its own landmark or symbol in a palette-- Brussels with its Atomium, Cairo marked by its pyramids, Frankfurt by the Commerzbank Tower, etc. The spaghetti line connections are for appearance, not accuracy, and no underlying geography governs the array of cities across the canvas.

The map features many of Spanair's domestic destinations, including several in the Canary Islands, which has long been a major focus of Spanair's operations. Most of the other cities are part of Spanair's European network, which stretched from the Eastern Mediterranean (Istanbul, Tel Aviv) to northwestern Europe and Scandinavia (Spanair had at times been as much as 20% owned by SAS). A handful of the destinations featured are intercontinental cities which could be reached only via Spanair's Star Alliance partnerships, such as Montreal, Toronto, New York, Philadelphia and Singapore.

Images via and NOTCOT.

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