Saturday, January 7, 2012

Air Gabon: First Flight from Libreville to Paris, June 1977

Le Grand Derrière of a massive B747 greets the receiver of this envelope, celebrating the premier vol of Air Gabon's Libreville-Paris service on 3 June 1977. The Eiffel Tower's outline on the green skyline of the illustration is diminutive by comparison. The bottom of the envelope is also nicely detailed, with a cheat line and large-format insignia of the airline, including its dashing but cartoonish green parrot emblem.

A more front-facing jumbo jet features on the postage stamp, printed in matching Gabonese colors specially to mark the first day. Surely, this economically-dubious but coveted connection was the flagship route of the state carrier, as hinted by the delightful disco-era block-and-shadow letters at upper left, calling out the newly-linked capitals.

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