Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Air France: Paris-Conakry-Freetown-Monrovia, Spring 2011

Air France, like many European airlines, has been expanding its highly-profitable African services over the last few years. Its move earlier this year to extend its Paris-Conakry service to both Freetown and Monrovia on alternate days is somewhat unusual, as it crosses over the Francophone-Anglophone divide, which checkerboards West Africa, with very few flights in between countries that speak different languages.

Although seats are sold only on the intra-African leg, the tickets are hugely expensive, in fact more costly than a flight from the United States to these destinations via Paris.

Air France served Monrovia's Robertsfield decades before, but not any time recently, although its subsidiary KLM was a major connector to Liberia up until that country's civil war. This may be Air France's first time serving Sierra Leone.

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