Saturday, January 7, 2017

Gulf Air Network, October 2016

The Timetablist has discussed the stagnation of Gulf Air before—its steady decline in the face of the rise of the ME3 megacarriers, from a pan-Gulf flag-carrying air confederation to the state airline of only tiny Bahrain

As we have been updating our coverage of the Gulf-3 super airlines, it seems appropriate to add in some recent publications from little Gulf Air. The airline still flies to more than 40 cities on three continents, with a presence at several European cities, although it is somewhat shocking that flights such as those to Frankfurt are served on narrowbody A320 planes. Our last post on Gulf Air noted the re-launch of Athens flights in 2014. 

The next two posts will examine the African and Middle Eastern routes first, and the South and Southeast Asian routes second. 

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